How to Create a Campaign

1. Go to and log in to your agent account (manager account does not have the ability to make campaigns)

2. Click the phone shaped icon to open up the “Calling Campaigns” menu and then press “Create Campaign”

3. Give you campaign a name in the campaign name box and then click “Choose File” (or Browser) to select your data sheet from your computer (Data Sheets have to be save in .CSV (Comma Delimited) format to be put in the system) and then press the “Next” button.

4. Assign your voice records, set your additional options, set your caller id, set the number of lines, set the number of rings, and assign an e-mail template (All of these are optional)

5. Scroll down to "Format your Contact List", On the right hand side are all the column headers for each data column in your spreadsheet (tip: when creating your spreadsheet make sure row 1 is the names of each column), click and drag each column header on the right hand side into its corresponding field on the left hand side (i.e. First Name to First Name, Phone to Primary Phone, Address to Address etc.)

6. Drag all your data until you have pulled over all the data you need (tip: you can also create custom fields for your data by clicking the "Add Custom Fields" link below)

7. Press "Finish" to complete the campaign creation and the campaign will then be added to your "View Campaign" page.