How to Create Voice Mail/On Hold Recordings

You can create voice recordings for your Salesdialers system using computer and a microphone with one of the two following computer based voice recorders. See below for instructions on each program and then how to upload your recording after you make it.

Method 1. browser based voice recorder

1. Go to

2. Press the red button

3. Press allow in the Adobe Flash Player Settings box that appears

4. The Vocaroo is now recording, record your message and then press Click to Stop when you are done making your recording.

5. You can press the Listen button to listen to the recording and Press the Retry button if you want to re-record your message but if your happy with it press the link below that says “Click here to save”

6. When the sharing options box opens up at the bottom of this box is small text that says “Download as” you will click the link for Download as WAV, the recording will then be saved to your computer as a Vocaroo recording.

Method 2. Record Pad – Download-able Recorder

1. Go to and press the red button to download the Record Pad program.

2. Run the rpsetup.exe file you downloaded and follow the onscreen prompts to install the Record Pad program.

3. Run the Record Pad program from you desktop by click the RecordPad Sound Recorder icon. Upon booting up the first time the Record Pad will ask you to select your microphone just follow the onscreen prompts to do so.

4. Once you are brought to the main screen of the Record Pad you and press the red record button to begin your recording, and then press the square stop button when you are done recording.

5. Your recording will instantly be saved to your computer in the Folder specific in the output box at the bottom of the Record Pad screen.

Now that you have created your recordings the next step is to add them in to your Salesdialers account, follow the steps bellow to upload your recordings and then assign them to your campaign.

1. Go to and log in to your Agent account.

2. Once logged in press the Preferences Menu button on the left (Icon shaped like a Wrench) and then when the Preferences menu pops open go to Voice Recordings.

3. Click the orange add recording button at the top of the “Voice Recordings” page.

4. In the “Media Name” box type in what your want the recording to be named in the system and then press the “Choose File”/”Browse” button. This will open a “Open File” dialog box on your browser and you must use the box to navigate to where on your computer the recording file is saved. After you have selected the file press “Save” to continue.

5. After the recording has saved you can preview it from your Voice Recordings list and next to assign the recording to you campaign go to “Calling Campaigns” (phone icon on the left) and then “View Campaigns”

6. On the “View Campaigns” page next to each campaign is a “Edit” button (shaped like a pencil and paper). Click on the “Edit” button for the campaign you wish to add you recordings to.

7. Once in the “Edit Campaign” screen for your campaign of choice scroll down to the “Voice Recordings” options and you will see four drop-down boxes for your hold-on and answering machine recordings. Simply open these drop-down boxes and assign the recordings you wish to each slot and then scroll to the bottom of the page and press update to save the changes.


1. When leaving a voice mail on a customer’s answering machine remember to press the

“play recording button” after the customers answering machine beeps.

2. Each ON HOLD message should be between 3-6 seconds long.

3. Record three ON HOLD messages i.e ON HOLD 1, ON HOLD 2, ON HOLD 3.

4. Be sure to record messages in the voice of EACH person that will be making calls and

EDIT campaign to change to caller’s SPECIFIC recordings BEFORE making phone


Examples of On Hold Messages

• Hello…Hello…can you hear me? Hello?

• I seem to have a hard time hearing you and am hearing some static. Hello?

• I still can’t hear you. I might have to call you back. Hello.