How do I know who is talking?” / “What happens when more than one person picks up at once?”

While running your campaign especially if your dialing multiple lines at a time there are going to be situations where two or more customers pick up their phone at the same time. But the system has a certain way of dealing with this situation.

First off any time the system calls customers, a call box with their name, phone number, and the calls current status will appear on the call screen of your Sales dialer. Now when the calls are first made the call box is orange and displays the status of “Calling…” and should a customer pick up the phone the box will then turn green with the status of “Talking…” When a call box turns green that means that is the active call you are currently on and that is the customer who you will hear through your telephone or headset.

Now if you are on an active call and another customer picks-up that customers call box will then display the status of “On-Hold” are played the systems pre-recorded on hold messages that you assigned to the campaign. These calls remain on hold until you finish up your current active call and then turn call boxes will turn green and you will be able to speak to them. Now if a customer is put “On Hold” and they hang up there phone before you finish up you active call the system will automatically call back that customers before moving on to the next queue of calls.