How do I Record Calls?

To record your calls you make all the system as well as listen to those recordings follow the instructions below.

First off you must set up your campaign to record your calls you can do this by going to the “Calling Campaigns” button on the left hand side of your account (button shaped like a phone) and in the menu that appears click “View Campaigns” then next to the campaign you wish to setting recording for click the “Edit” button (shaped like a pencil and piece of paper).

Once you click “Edit” you are brought to the “Editing Campaign Settings” page from were scroll down until you see the “Enable Recording” option with a check mark box next to it. Next check mark the “Enable Recording” box to enable the recording function on your campaign and then scroll down and press update to save your changes.

Now when you run your campaigns it will record all of your connected calls and then save those recordings automatically to your calling reports.

Now to pull up those recordings go to the “Calling Reports” function on the left hand side of your dialer screen (button shaped like a graph) . Once inside the “View Calling Reports” page you must first select the campaign you wish to pull up the calling reports for and then press the “Go” button and it will then pull up a list of all the calls you made in your campaign ordered from latest to oldest. If your campaign is set to record your calls then on the right hand side of each connected call on your list will be a recording menu and down the menu will be recordings for each of the connected calls with a “Play“, and “Download” button if you press play it will play the recording right on the page there and you will be able to listen to it in its entirety. Now if you wish to save the recording to your computer you can use the “Download” button and it will then save the recording to your computer.