How do I Recycle/Rerun a Campaign?

Once a campaign is completed or stopped you can run it again following the instructions below…

You can rerun a campaign at any time simply by clicking “Calling Campaigns” button on the left hand side of your agent account (button shaped like a telephone) and when the sub menu opens click “View Campaigns”page and once the “View Campaigns” page opens, on the right hand side of the completed campaign you wish to rerun is the “Start” button by pressing this button the campaign

will then begin to run again in its normal call order.

Now a campaign that is recycled will only call back any customers it has not contacted yet as well as any customers whose disposition is “call back” and “Answering machine”. The system will not call back any customer dis-positioned as a “hot,warm, or cold” lead, “Not Interested” or “Got Sales”.