How do I call an Appointment?

Follow the steps below to call a scheduled appointment or call back.

First off find the appointment you wish to call either by finding them on the daily planner itself or pulling them up using the “View Appointments” button at the top of the Daily Planner and selecting the date range you wish to view appointments within.

Once you have found your appointment you can click on the phone number of the customer to initiate the individual click-to-call. (You must be logged in to your phone line to initiate the click-to-call.)

The call will then open inside a separate call pop-up box on your web browser. Once the call connects you will be able to see all your notes, details, and are able to disposition your client just like a normal call. Then just close the call screen when you are done with the call.

Tips: Pending on your web-browser it might be set up to automatically block pop-ups from appearing to disable the pop-up blocker for follow these instructions below.

Google Chrome:

1. Click the “Options” icon in the top right corner of your web browser screen. (Looks like three gray bars)

2. Go to “Settings” inside the options menu

3. Click the “Show Advanced Settings” link at the bottom of the “Settings” page, and then scroll down to the “Privacy” options

4. Click the “Content Settings” button under the “Privacy” Options, and once the new dialog box appears scroll down to the “Pop-up” options.

5. Press the “Manage Exceptions” option and it will open another box inside one of the empty bars type in and in the drop down box next to it set the behavior for “Allow” then press “Ok” at the bottom of the box to save your settings. You can then exit out of the menu by closing the “Settings” tab at the top of the browser screen.

Mozilla Firefox:

1. Click the orange “Menu” button on the top right of your browser screen (shaped like three gray bars), then click on “Options” when the menu opens.

2. Once the options dialog box opens up press the “Content” tab on the top of the options dialog box.

3. Once inside the “Content” tab menu right at the top there is a check mark box labeled “Block Pop-up Windows” and across from it is a button with the word “Exceptions”

4. Press the “Exceptions” button and once the “Allowed Sites” dialog box appears type in in the “address of the website” text box and then hit the “Allow” button to save

your exception and then press close to exit from this menu.