How do I create/edit/delete an Appointment?

There are several ways to create new appointments and even edit existing appointments in your Salesdialers platform.

First and most common method is creating appointments during a calling campaign....When you’re talking with a customer and there information box is still on the screen.

You can press the "Appointment" disposition button, and then the "Select Appointment date & time" dialog box will appear.

Press Appointment on and then a calender will appear.

You can then select a date and time for your appointment and once you selected them press the "Done" button on the Appointment dialog box.

Your selected appointment will then appear on your daily planner calendar on the home page of your Sales Dialer.

The second method to creating an appointment can be done directly from the daily planner simply by clicking the "Create Appointment" button.

Once the button is pressed a "Create Appointment" dialog box will appear and you can just fill this box in with the "Name", "Phone Number", "Email", Any "Notes" and then select the time and date for your appointment by clicking the "Appointment On" box. Once you have set these you can then press done and it will create the appointment on your daily planner.

You can also create appointments for existing contacts and leads (Using the following method is how you would also go about rescheduling an existing appointment)

To do this you must go to the "View Contacts" function on the left hand side of your Salesdialers page.

Once there use the search functions to locate you customer by finding the campaign they are in as well as searching by either their name, phone, or lead status.

Once you have pulled up the customer you wish to add (or edit) an appointment for press "Edit" on the right hands side of their contact listing.

Once inside the "Editing Contact Details" page for the client you can scroll down to the bottom of the page to "Lead Status" and you can then change their leads status to "Schedule an Appointment" and then the "Appointment On" box will appear under it.

Press inside this box and a calendar will appear where you can then set the time and date for your appointment (or change the time and date if your editing it) and once you set the appropriate time and date, press the "Update" button at the bottom of the page and it will then set your appointment to your daily planner (or save your changes if editing).

You can also delete appointments completely using the same method above and what you can then do when you get to the “Edit Contact Details” page is change the customer’s lead status type from “Schedule an Appointment” to anything else and then press update and it will delete the appointment off your calendar.