What do the different call statuses mean?

You will soon notice that during your calling campaigns each call is brought up in a call box at the top of your dialer page. These call boxes not only contain the name and phone number of the customer it is dialing but these boxes also change colored depending on the status of the call. These statuses mean different things so I will cover them below.

First is “Calling” this is the first box that will be seen with the dialer is calling the customer; the box will be colored orange.

Second is “Talking”, when a customer’s call connects the box will then turn green and to indicate this is the current customer you are talking to. When a customer’s status is “Talking” this will be the only time you can speak to the customer.

Next is “On Hold”, if you are currently on a call with a customer and another customer that the system is “Calling” should pick up the phone, that customer’s call status will change to “On Hold” and they are then played the pre-recorded on hold messages set to the campaign via the campaign options. Now If a customer is still “On Hold” when you finish your active call the system will automatically transfer you over to that “On Hold” call and the status of that call will change to “Talking”; or if the “On Hold” customer should hang up the phone before you are done with your active call, the system will automatically attempt to “Redial” that customer.

Next is “Disconnected”, should you press then “Hang up” button on a call when you are done talking or the customer should hang up from their end the customers call box will then turn gray and be labeled as “Disconnected”. Once all the calls in your current queue display as “Disconnected” the system will then automatically pull up your next queue of calls, or if your campaign is set to pausing or is set for “auto pause” the system will then fully pause and you must press the “Resume” button on the top left hand

corner of the dialer screen to continue to your new queue of calls.

Next is “Busy”, if you call a customer and their phone line is busy the system the customer’s call box will turn red and display the word “Busy” before moving on to the next call. It will do this automatically so you don’t have to worry about it picking up the busy line or hearing the busy signal.

Next is “Not Reachable”, when calling customers should the system detect a disconnect or bad number the call box will turn red and display the words “Not Reachable” and then automatically move on to the next call.

Lastly is the “Time Zone Protected” status, if you have the “FTC Time Zone Protection” option turned on for your campaign what the system will do is check the time zone for every call you make and if it sees the area-code of the call your making is outside FTC normal calling hours of 9am to 9pm it will turn the call box red and display the words “Time-Zone Protected” and skip past that call.