How do I dial alternate phone numbers?

There two separate ways that you can dial a customer’s alternate number.

First is during an actual calling campaign, if a customer has an alternate number set for them the system will automatically try to dial the alternate number if it cannot reach the customer or their voice mail on their primary number. Also during a calling campaign if the primary phone number is not the right number for the contact or a bad number and you wanted to try to dial the alternate numbers simply press the “Wrong Number” button on your disposition bar for that contact and that primary number will be broken off from the contact in to its own contact information box and when you hang up that current call the system will then begin to dial the alternate number as the new primary number for that same contact.

Secondly you can manually dial a customer’s alternate phone number as well simply by looking up the customer using the “View Contacts/View Leads” functions. Once you have searched up the customer you can then click the blue “Edit” option on the right hand side of their contact/lead listing. Once in the “Editing Contact/Lead Details” page at the top of the list is a drop down box named “Number” and if the customer has an alternate number there will be two or more numbers listed in this drop down box. If you wish to call that customers alternate number select there alternate number in the drop down box and then scroll to the bottom of the page and press the “Update” button to save your settings. You will then be taken back to the “View Leads/Contacts” page with the list of the leads/contacts you just searched up. Now in the customers entry you edited you should now see their phone number listed as their “Alt Number” and you can then click on the number to initiate a “click-to-call” and call there alternate number.