How do I pause calling/stop my campaign for the day?

At any time during your calling campaign there will be a pause button in the top left portion of your dialer screen (unless your campaign is set to auto-pause mode), pressing this button will begin to pause your system from dialing new numbers.

The system will try to complete any current calls it has in the queue as well as any on hold call

backs and once the queue is complete it will then pause the campaign (if your campaigns is set to

auto-pause then it will pause automatically after each queue.)

Once your campaign is paused you are then free to hang up your land line/cellphone or

disconnect the call on your X Lite/SIP Phone.

To resume you campaign after it is paused you can press the resume button next to your

campaign on the “List Campaigns” page.

Important: (Do not hang up your voice line while the campaign is still running as it will cause

your voice line to become congested and you will not be able to log back in)