What is an “On-Hold” Recording?

On-Hold recordings are automated messages played during your calling campaigns to any customers who are put as the call status of “On-Hold”; Customers are put on hold if there calls picks up while you are on another active call. Once a customer is put on hold they are then played three prerecorded messages that are assigned to your campaign during the campaign creation (you can also go in to the edit options for your campaign to change these recordings at any time).

The Salesdialers system comes preloaded with two sets of three recordings when your first sign-up, there are three male on-hold recordings and three female on-hold recordings labeled as Male 1, Male 2, Male 3, etc. These recordings are used just as stall tactics to keep your customer on hold long enough for you to finish up your active call. Now if a customer who is put on hold should hang up there line before you are done with your active call the system will immediately re-call that customers after you are finished with your current call.

Now if you wish to create on-hold recordings of your own in your own voice you can easily create them by follow the steps in the “How do I create voice mail/on-hold recordings” article in the “Getting Started” FAQs list.

How to create a voice mail/on hold recording