How do I view a list or call my appointments?

You can view a list of all your appointment at any time by following the directions below.

You can view a list of appointments at any time by clicking the “Appointments” button beneath the Welcome text on the “Dashboard” screen of your Salesdialers account above the daily planner calendar.

After clicking the “View Appointments” button you must select a time period for your list of how far do you wish the list to go you can either hit one of the present buttons for “Today”, “This Week”, or “This Month” or you can click in the “Customer Range” option to select specific “From” and “To” dates using the calender boxes that appear after you select the date range you want press the “Submit” button.

Next you will be taken to the “View Appointments” page and on the screen below it will pull up a list of all the appointments you have set that fall within the selected time ranges you set, the list includes the name of the customer the time and date of their appointment, their phone number with a click to call button, as well as a drop down arrow for their details. (You can also use the search filters above to adjust your time range, as well as looking for appointments based on a specific campaign or by Name of Phone number by press the “Search Options” button).

Once you have this list up you can either print out a basic or detailed print up of the appointments or send the appointments via email by typing in an email address and hitting send.