How do I see how long I have been making calls for?

If you need to check how long you were making calls for during your campaigns you can easily check by following the instructions below.

To view your total call time for your campaigns you can go to the “Reports” option in your function list on the left hand side of your Salesdialers account screen (button shaped like a bar graph) and then when the sub menu opens click on “Campaign Statistics”.

Then you will be taken to the “View Campaign Statistics” page and then you first must select the campaign you wish to pull up the statistics for (or select “All” if you wish to view the statistics for the entire account) and then select a date range for your statistics either by pressing one of the preprogramed buttons for “Today”, “This Week”, “This Month” or you can manually set the date by clicking on “Custom Date” and selecting the appropriate date range for your search from the two calenders that appear. Once you have set these two settings press the “Go” button.

The system will then pull up a page of statistics for your campaign based on the time range you set. At the very top of the list are two statistics “Total time logged in” which displays your total time logged in to the website itself, and “Total talk time” which displays the total accumulated time spend talking to customers on actual calls.