How do I Create an Email Template?

To send emails out through the Salesdialers platform you must first make email templates that can be used to send out to your customers, to create a new email template you must first go to the “Preferences” button the function menu on the left hand side of your Salesdialers account screen (the buttons shaped like a gear) and press Email templates. Next on the “Email Templates” page simply press the “New Email Template” button at the top of the page.

After Pressing the “New Email Template” button you will be taken to the “Create Email Template” page.

This is the main screen of your email template creator; from here you can use the tools available to make your pre-made email templates for your campaigns. As you can see it is very similar to a word processor software, you first just type in what you want your email to say using your keyboard and once done you can use the tools to adjust and customize the body of your email template.

1.Target Details – This function allows you to have the system automatically insert data from your customer’s information in to the body of the emails itself. A good use for this is to have it put in the customer’s name automatically. To set target details you must first choose the target detail you wish to add from the drop down box and then press the “Insert” button, it will then place the target detail in to the body of the email at your cursors current position in coding like this ~~first name~~. Now any instance of that target detail will be replaced with the customer’s

first name in the final email.

2. Formatting Tools – These tools allow you to change the size, and appearance of the text in the body of your email, some of the tools are as follows; font, size, bold, italicized, underlined, text alignment, bulleted/number list, indent, text color and background color.

3. Add Hyperlink – This tool allows you to add links to the body of your email that customers can click on to be redirected to a desired website simply by clicking the hyper linked text. Once your press the button a small dialog box will appear asking for your to specify a web URL that you wish to set for the link and then a string of text that will act as the anchor for the link so when the customer clicks on the text it will take them to the website. Once you are done press the “Insert Link” button and the hyperlink will be added to the body of your email at your cursors current position, the anchor text will be blue and underlined donating that it is now a hyperlink.

4. Add Image – This tool allows you to add images to the body of your email, now when you click on the add image button the system will then ask you for the URL of the image you wish to add to the template. When adding images to the templates these images must be web-hosted images meaning the image has to be either posted to another website or added to a photo share website (like Photobucket). Once the images are hosted you can then right click on the image and click “Copy Image Location” this will copy the URL of that image which you can then paste in to the add images dialog box in your template creator. Once you set the URL and hit “Ok” the image will then appear in the body of your email at your cursors current location. You can also resize the image by clicking on it and dragging the small white squares on the edge of the image to change it to the desired size.

Using the tools above you can create and customers your email templates to your heart’s content, the email template creator is also fully HTML compatible and using HTML coding or software that creates email templates in HTML format (like IContact) you can make very graphically enhanced presentation with background images, video, hyper linked images amongst other things.

Once your done creating the template you must then give your email template a name as well as set the subject line that the customers will see inside their email’s in box, and you can then press “Submit” to finish.

Now that your template is created you can then assign it to your campaign by going to the “List Campaigns” option and then press the blue “Edit” link on the right hand side of the campaign you wish to add the template to. Once inside the “Editing Campaign Options” page you can then scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the small check mark box that says “Send Email”. Once opened this then allows you to assign the email to your campaigns using one of the three email options “Single Email”, “Automatic Follow-up/Drip Emails”, or “Allow me to Choose while Sending”, and you can then press Submit to change you settings and now your email template will be usable when you are running your calling campaign.