How do I edit/delete an Email template?

If you need to edit or delete any of the active email templates you have created you can follow these simple steps below.

First you must go to the “Preferences” button on the left hand side of your Salesdialers agent account (button shaped like 3 gears), and then click on “Email Templates” in the sub menu. You will then be taken to the “View Mail Templates” page and this page shows a list of all the email templates you have created in the system with their names, time and date they were created and last modified and a preview link.

On the right hand side of this list next to each email template is a pencil and a red trashcan icon. The pencil icon will take you back in to the email template editor were you can make any changes you wish to the existing template and you can then press the “Update” button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Whereas the Red Trashcan button if pressed will delete the existing email template out of the system, if you press the red trashcan the system will first ask you if you wish to delete the template and you can then press “Yes” to delete it. Now the system cannot delete any email template currently assigned to a campaign.