How do I Create an Email Blast?

What is an Email blast? First off an email blast is mass emails you can send out to a large number of customers all at once as opposed to sending out individual emails, to create an email blast follow the steps below.

Once you have your email templates created and you then wish to send out an email blast to your customers you can go to the “Email Blasts” option in your functions menu on the left hand side of your Salesdialers account screen (button shaped like a envelope).

Once inside the “View Email Blasts” page you can then press the “New Email Blast” button to be taken to the “Create Email Blast” page. Next you must select one of your email templates that you wish to send from the “Select an Email Template” drop down box and then select the campaign you wish to send your email template to from the “Select a Campaign” drop down box.

Once you have these two options selected you must then assign recipients for your emails using the checkmark boxes down below to set who you wish to receive this email, you can select as many or as few as you wish and once you have selected the recipients you can then press the “Start” button at the bottom of the page, a warning dialog box will pop up informing you of how many email address the system found in your campaign for the recipients and you can then press “OK” and it will begin your email blast.

Once an email blast is started it will then be on the “View Email Blasts” page with a progress bar along with a blue stop link on the right of the progress bar if you wish to cancel the blast for any reason.