How do I create a Drip Email Schedule?

What is a drip email schedule? A drip email is a schedule of emails that you can set to go out to your customers at predetermined times, now these drip emails can only be sent to customers during calling campaigns and follow the directions below to create and set these drip emails to your campaigns.

First of once you have made the email templates you wish to send you can then create your drip email template by going to the “Email Campaigns” button on the bottom left hand side of your Function list on your Salesdialers account page (button shaped like an envelope) and then in the sub menu click “Drip Email”. From here you are shown a list of all the existing “Drip Email” schedules you have created in your system and you can create a new one by pressing “New Schedule”. You will then be taken to the “Create Follow-up Email Schedule” page were you must first give your new Schedule a name.

After naming your schedule you must then select the initial email that is sent out when you send the drip schedule to a customer by choosing one of your email templates from the drop down box. After you select your initial email you must then select how many days after the first template do you wish to send out the second one, and after you have select how many days later you must then select another template from the drop down box labeled “Send this Email”.

You can then repeat the process for as many emails templates your wish to schedule, and important thing to remember though is that when setting how many days later to send out the next email it always is set by how many days after the first email so for your third or fourth etc. email you must select how many days after the first email template is sent out will you want to send out the next ones.

Once you have setup your schedule you can then scroll to the bottom of the page and press “Submit” and the schedule you just made will be added to your list of schedules that you see on the “Drip Email” page. Now that you have created a schedule you can then assign it to your campaign by going to your campaign options on the “View Campaigns” page on the top left hand corner of your functions menu (button shaped like a phone) and then pressing the edit button (shaped like a pencil) on the right hand side of the campaign you wish to add the schedule to.

Once inside the “Editing Campaign Options” page you can then scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the “Send Email” check mark box to open up the email options for your campaign. Next you will press the button labeled “Automatic Follow-up Email” and inside the drop down box below it select your drip email template you just created and then press the “Update” button on the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Now when you got to send an email out to a customer during a calling campaign it will begin to follow your Schedule your assigned to it automatically sending out the emails you selected for your schedule.