“How do I delete Contacts and Leads?”

If you wish to ever remove contacts or leads from your system there a few eyes steps to follow to do it but first off there is one important thing to remember; You cannot delete leads or contacts from an activate campaign. This means that you cannot delete the contacts or leads from a list that is currently not completed or stopped and if you wish to delete these contacts before a campaign is finished you will have to stop the campaign to do so and risk starting the campaign over from the beginning of the list. This being said it is best to wait for a campaign to be completed before you delete any contacts.

Now once your campaign has either stopped or completed as its current campaign status you can then delete contacts or leads simply by going to the “View Contacts” option from your function list on the left hand side of your Salesdialer (button shaped like a persons head).

Once on the “View Contacts” page you must first select the campaign you wish to pull up the contacts/leads for and you can even narrow down your search by specific customer’s name, numbers, or lead status by using the search options button, and then press the “Go” once you have all your search criteria.

It will then pull up a list of contact/leads that match your search criteria as well as a series of buttons along the top of the list titled Delete, Move, Move All, and Delete All. If you wish to delete a contact or lead from this list you will want to first select the lead you wish to delete by clicking the check mark box next to the customer’s name and then press the delete button along the top of the contact list. If you wish to delete and entire list of contacts/leads you have pulled up you can press the Delete All button as well.